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Science Week Guest Speaker: Dr Sanya Mooraj and Dr Fatima Khattak

05 Oct 2017

 Dentists Dr Sanya Mooraj and Dr Fatima Khattak came to talk to the children of classes III and VI about A Bug's  Life. This was in keeping with their science week topic of health and hygiene. The talk focussed on the body which is under constant attack by bacteria and viruses and yet, remarkably, survives using it own defence mechanisms which include good viruses and good bacteria.They used beautiful visuals of these bugs in cartoon form and as seen under microscopes to grab the children's attention. They even talked of the rise of the new enemy, the super bug that resists antibiotics. The children were engaged during the talk which was delivered with a lot of energy and in the end they got to participate in a house wise quiz, which won them some house points. It was a very interesting and informative talk for both teachers and children alike.