Events | Middle Section


01 Sep 2016

Scouts Master and Mr. Brendon Rodrigues introduced the basics of camping to the young scouts.  Students engaged in numerous activities including pitching of tent, setting up a bonfire, knotting rope and drills for inspection and safety. The scout contingent was divided into two patrols namely:  the Tiger and the Lion patrol. The two Patrols were awarded with points based on the performance of their members. Games such as cricket and volleyball were also played between them. Students also engaged in preparing food that was served for dinner and breakfast.


The overnight camp helped in creating a bond between old and the new members, and a sense of responsibility in the scouts as they were each given various tasks to complete. This exercise taught them self-discipline, punctuality and collaboration. The scouts were taught to be independent, as they made their own choices and were rewarded for their own performance and behaviour too. The competition between the two patrols enabled the students to embrace their inner talents and camping skills. 


At the concluding ceremony of the camp, the Lion patrol was declared victorious with a total of 72 points whereas the Tiger patrol managed to score 61 points. Shamveel Butt of VII-G was chosen as the  “Scout of the Day”   by the Scout Master and the Troop leader.