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Short Film Making- Lahore Grammar Fest September 17th-21st, 2015

21 Sep 2015

 A group of seven students led by Mrs. Shaista Shahab (HOD ICT) went to Lahore to participate in Short Film making at Grammar Fest’15, organised by Lahore Grammar School, Paragon Campus. Apart from winning the competition, the entire event was a great learning experience for both the teachers and students.

There were five students from class 7 – Ammar Ali Asghar, Ayman Al Huq, Syed Ashal Ali, Zoya Husnein and Natascha Seyed and two from class 9-  Meherwan Rohinton Patel and Haris Asir Hasan. In the first round of the film making our students made a seven minute movie and selected drama as their genre. In the second and the final round our students were given a scene from the Hollywood Movie ,”The God Father” and they were asked to depict the scene in Pakistani style. KGS team got the highest number of points on their creativity, recreation, acting, filming and cinematography.  Despite being the youngest contingent, they won the Best Short Film award with Aryaan Imran Aslam awarded as the Best Actor and Zahra Hasan winning the Best Director.

Two weeks of relentless effort by students and teachers helped our team succeed. All the stages of movie making  including an initial story, idea, scriptwriting, casting, shooting, sound recording, editing, and screening were covered and completed by our young and enthusiastic students with all activities carried out strictly on the School premises.