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Sports Day 2014

08 Nov 2014

 For a lot of our students, the Annual Athletics Sports Day is one of the most loved and anticipated dates on the school calendar. The weeks leading up to Sports Day are packed full of practices, trials and heats, which does much to contribute to the excitement and anticipation that is almost palpable in the morning air. This year we had two students in particular who had significant cause for excitement and Jibraan Ahmed Ghani and Aman Amna Chughtai, both from Streeton House, broke preexisting records in Shot Put and 200 meters respectively. 


Tensions ran high during the prize giving ceremony, as every house shirt seemed to have been evenly represented on the dais. In the end, however, there can only be one winner and although Napier House managed to earn themselves the March Past trophy, Streeton House was named reigning champion. 


Barrister Shahida Jamil, former Minister of Law, Justice and Human Rights, was the Chief Guest and she emphasised in her speech, the need for integrity in all fields of life.


Our Junior Champions were, Batool Sajjad Mahesri (Papworth) and Azeem Iqbal Paracha (Frere).

Senior Champions:  Sofia Sakina Chughtai (Streeton) and Syed M. Ameen Hussain Aamir (Napier).