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Sports Day

16 Feb 2018

 The Annual Sports Day took place on a cool morning in the middle of February. All students dressed in their house shirts participated in the March Past and the P.E. Display. Both these events are an excellent exercise in coordination. Every single one of the 482 pupils also got to run in at least one race.  The races included flat race and novelty races in which children jumped over or crawled under hurdles, jumped in sacks or bounced footballs among other such obstacles.The final events were the class relays. There was a healthy display of competition which resulted in Frere winning the March Past trophy and Napier winning the overall athletics trophy.  To add to the fun there was a domestic staff race, a teacher’s race and even a parent’s race. The school was honoured to have the 2005-2009 Pakistan Women’s Cricket  Captain Urooj Mumtaz Khan as chief guest