Events | Junior Section

The 24th Swimming Gala

05 Nov 2018

The 24th Swimming Gala took place  a few days later than scheduled due to nationwide strikes. It took place with even more festivity than usual as the number of participants this year was 376 as compared to 292 last year.  This year, a separate gala was held for Class III, as every child  in that year group participated. The main Gala was held for classes IV -VI. Children participated in relays as well as individual events. Each individual was competing to add points to his /her house. In the end, it was Napier that lifted the Swimming Gala trophy. Mr Wrigley was invited as a special guest and spoke to the children about the benefits of swimming while Mrs Siddiqi spoke about the power of  having a Growth Mindset which allows one to make mistakes and move on. It was joyful occcasion as the children cheered on thier friends and houses.