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The Junior Section Annual Elocution 2016

11 May 2016

 The students of Classes III – VI took part in the English and Urdu Elocution.

The results are as follows:


 English Elocution III & IV:




1st Position : Zoya Bandukda   III S,   Raaid Ahmed Baloch  IV S,  Syed Daniyal Qadri  IV L

2nd Position : Aarib Zia Javed - III T

3rd Position : Yahya Amir Shariff - III G


1st Position : IV L

2nd Position:III K

3rd Position: III L, IV S


Urdu Elocution III & IV:




1st Position : Noor Imran Ahmed IV L

2nd Position : Myra Soomro III G

3rd Position : Manaal Amer III K, Salaar Hayat Rizvi III T


1st Position : IV L

2nd Position:III K, III G

3rd Position: III T


English Elocution V & VI:




1st Position : Syeda Xehra Fatima  Agha VI T

2nd Position : Parizad Mirza Chughtai V T

3rd Position : Shanzeh M. Jaffer V G


1st Position : VI K

2nd Position:V G

3rd Position: V L


Urdu Elocution V & VI:




1st Position : Abdul Ghani Quraishi V L

2nd Position : Aariz Zahid V G, Zara Zuberi VI G

3rd Position : Ibaad Afzal V T


1st Position : V G

2nd Position:VI K

3rd Position: V S, V L