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Thursday Assembly: Celebrating Pakistan

09 Aug 2018

The theme of the presentation was' Hum Badlein Gey'. A video was played with the byline, 'It is Our time to Lead.' It highlighted Pakistani leaders in their field from Quaid e Azam to Jehangir Khan and Ruth Pfau. It also showed pictures of Karachi Grammar School's students at work. The message that it communicated was that we need to change to bring about a positive change in Pakistan. Allama Iqbal's prayer 'Lab pe aati hai dua' provided an apt background to showcase the history of Pakistan, punctuated with struggles and achievements.It encouraged students to understand their role in the development of the country and to aspire for

                         'Zindagi shamma ki surat
                          hu Khudaya neri
                          Dhor duniya ka  meray
                          dum say andhaira hugai'