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Thursday Assembly: Class IV G, S on 'Earth Day'

18 Apr 2019

Classes IV G, S and L got together to commemorate Earth Day for the Thursday Assembly. Earth Day is celebrated worldwide on April 22nd. The IVs brought to attention the damaging effects of of human activity on this planet. 
IV-G started the Assembly with a song called ‘Sing for Climate Change’ where they intoned that 'If we want a better future, we need to start right now'. They emphasised the need to act ‘right now’ throughout the song. This was followed by a presentation by IV-S on keeping the environment clean and stopping pollution. They showed a PowerPoint and talked about the harmful effects of plastic on marine life. 
IV L talked about the 6Rs. The 6 major steps, like recycle and reuse, that we must take to reduce our carbon footprint on mother earth.
The children wore blue and green costumes and headbands that emphasised the beauty of the Mother Earth we need to protect. The assembly ended with the Urdu song ' Rung Saja do, pyas bujha do' sung by all 3 sections.