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Thursday Assembly - Our Diverse Neighbours

01 Feb 2018

Class VL's presentation on Pakistan's neighbours was an interesting and enlightening talk. The parents of VL, along with the rest of the school, learnt about China, Afghanistan, India and Iran. Facts about the landscape and culture of these countries were revealed such as trigonometry was first invented in India­­­­­­. The children shared the information they had gathered during their Inquiry-based Learning Unit on ‘Our Neighbours.’ They came to the conclusion that even though people in these countries spoke different languages, followed different religions and had diverse lifestyles, they were similar in so many ways. ‘Our smiles are the same, our hurts are the same and our joys are the same.’ The Urdu speaker also conveyed the same thoughts that as human beings, we have similar feelings, responsibilities a­­­­­­nd rights. The children recognised that we are a varied group of countries The message that rang loud and clear was one of peace, harmony, tolerance and of celebrating diversity.