Events | Junior Section

Thursday Assembly: Poetry Recitation

12 Apr 2018

 Two classes, IV-K and IV-S performed together for the Thursday Assembly. IV-K recited a delightful English Poem called 'My Parents Have the Flu Today.'  The whole class recited the poem about a child whose head was filled with ways to misbehave as his parents were sick in bed. The poem outlines all his plans which include switching the sugar and salt and shaving his brother's Teddy bear. Class IV-S recited a humorous Urdu Poem called 'Roti Koan Banaey Ga' written by Hasan Abdi. The girls of the class read out the parts spoken by the Khala who was asking who would carry out various chores. The boys read out the parts spoken by the children who heaped all the chores on their khala but ended up hungry for shirking their responsibilities.