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Thursday Assembly - V-K Debate

17 Jan 2019

The first Thursday Assembly presentation, of the second term, was a debate by the pupils of V-K. Two pupils, representing the jury, were seated at desks placed on the stage. The jurors invited the two teams of debaters to present their arguments. The topic before the jury was:  'Urban life is better than rural life.' Team A spoke for the topic whereas Team B spoke against the topic. Each participant had to give his/her argument within 20 seconds. Arguments for urban life included many job opportunities, accesss to facilites such as roads and lots to do such as malls, restaurants and cinema. Arguments for rural life included a pollution free life, access to fresh fruit and vegetables and slower paced life where people have time for themselves and thieir neighbours. Once the pros and cons of both were convincingly laid out, every individual in the audience had the tough job of making their own minds up as to who had won the debate.