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Thursday Assembly: VI-G and VI -S on books and dance

13 Sep 2018

Parents of VI -G and VI -S got to watch two delightful assembly presentations. VI-G told its audience that time machines were real. These time machines can help you travel back and forth in time, to space and to fantasy lands. These time machines are portable and accessible to all- they are, in fact, books. Children held up posters they had painted depicting scenes from books and urged the audience to read them and see the universe past, present and future. VI-S talked about various forms of dance from different parts of Pakistan such as the Luddi and Leeva. A group of children named and defined these different dance forms. This was followed by a second group actually performing their version of the African travel dance on stage. The dance was a high energy movement to the sound of African music. Children stamped their feet to a beat that got increasingly faster. They twirled and whirled rhythmically to the delight of the audience.