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Thursday Assembly: VI-L and VI -T on 'Plastic Pollution' and 'Managing Impulisivity'

04 Oct 2018

The students of VI-L came together with a strong message for the school: 'Say no to plastic!' They higlighted the fact that plastic is a non biodegradable substance and talked at length about air pollution and the destruction of marine life in our oceans due to plastic. After highlighting the severe aftermath of plastic pollution, they took a pledge to to do their bit to reuse, recycle and reuse.

VI-T, on the other hand, talked to children and parents about the merits of remamaing calm in adverse situations. They told the story of ‘Nails in a Fence'  which showed that nails hammered in anger leave a scar even if they are removed later. Similarly words can wound a person even if you say sorry later. The message was to think before you act, especailly when angry. LIke a traffic light, stop , wait and then react.