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Thursday Assembly : VL The Art of Persuasion

14 Feb 2019

Persuasion is the art of convincing people to believe something or act in a certain way. Class VL shared some techniques used in persuading an audience. First,a group of students shared the strategies used in Advertising. How advertisers aim at a particular type of audience to sell their product. How they use emotions, carefully chosen language, slogans, jingles to ensure that their message will be remembered. 

The next group of students then shared that another way of persuading people is to state your belief strongly and to support it with facts and personal experience. They demonstrated this technique by raising awareness for the noble cause of donating blood. They persuaded the audience to be a part of the KGS Lifeline. Lastly, the whole class recited a poem in Urdu to persuade the audience to plant more trees.