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Thursday Special Assembly: Pakistan Day

22 Mar 2018

 There was a special assembly held on the 22nd of March to commemorate Pakistan Day as 23rd March was to be a holiday. The assembly was carried out in Urdu and started with two opening speeches delivered by Class V students delineating what Pakistan Day is about and highlighting it's importance. This was followed by two children of Class III reading out poems they had written about Pakistan Day. A section of Class VI then recited a poem called ‘Qaradad-e-Pakistan.’ Some children of Class VI enacted a role play/interview in which they asked Miss Fatima Jinnah and Dr. Allama Iqbal questions about their life. Two dances were also performed by Class VI. One was a Sindhi dance called Jhoomar and the other was a Punjabi Bhangra.The session concluded with children singing ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Sohni Dharti.’