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Trip to the Zoo.

15 Feb 2019


On Tuesday 12th February 2019, 3 classes of the Nursery and on Thursday 14th February 2019, 2 classes of the Nursery children visited  the Zoo during school hours. The overall excitement was great as they all went together on a bus accompanied by volunteer parents from each class. They sang all the way to the zoo. On both days the weather was cool and breezy and the children  closely observed the animals that are there. They include, Lions, Tigers, Elephants, monkeys, a variety of birds, crocodiles, deer and a zebra. There is a new addition of 2 bears. The children were encouraged to identify and compare the sizes of the animals and their features. The aesthetic value of nature, the rights of animals and empathy toward them was emphasized. The tours ended with a picnic thoroughly enjoyed. The experiences were happy tiring ones and and many fell asleep on the bus on the way back..