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Urdu Drama -2016

29 Feb 2016

The play focused on a new occupant of room number 9 in a guest house who attracts interest from the brother sister duo of Shirin and Zaman (played by Shamin Ahmed & Sami uz Zaman respectively) occupants of room number 6. As the plot moves forward, Shirin becomes obsessed by the unseen and mysterious occupant of Kamra Number 9. She uses the attendants Rani and Fazlu (played by Umme Abeeha Zafar and Haider Shehzad) to spy on the new neighbour.  Nasir (Sheikh Mohammad Suleman Sajjad) also drops by regularly to see Shirin, who is rather dismissive and oblivious of Nasir’s personality. Shirin a self-assured individual is often heard passing value judgments on Nasir. Little does she know that the man who she is obsessed with is actually …..  

The set was well thought out - a lounge with the mysterious door leading to kamra number 9. Quality lighting and a beautiful classical dance performed by Anjaleen Agrawalla added spice to an already rich story. 


It was heartwarming to see our students presenting challenges of subtle innuendos of Manto’s work so seamlessly.