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Urdu Elocution - 21 Sep 2016

21 Sep 2016

 Annual Urdu Elocution was an exciting and appreciated event at the Middle Section. The entire School gathered to cheer their brave friends who mesmerised the crowd by their confident stance and delivery. One student selected from each section of classes VII, VIII and IX participated in reciting a poem of his/her choice.

Student hosts for the year - Umme Abeeha VIII M and Malaika Jaffrani VII M provided details of the poems and invited students to take the podium. The panel of judges comprised Mrs. Basrai (Convener CPD), Mrs. Ashraf (Senior Mistress) and Professor Sahar Ansari - famous Urdu poet and scholar of Urdu literature and recipient of ‘Tamgha-e-Imtiaz’ for his literary works.

Urdu Elocution elevated and boosted confidence in our students and provided a platform to showcase their deep understanding of the events prevailing at the time: emotions and sentiments of the poet and appreciation of the creative use of language. This forum also presented an opportunity for our students to show their creativity.  Poem, titled ‘Jang’, written and recited by Hasan Imran VII G was encouraged and appreciated by the judges.