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World Athletics Day Celebration 2015

30 Nov 2015

World Athletic Day Celebration 2015 organised by Karachi/Sindh Athletics Association in collaboration with the Athletics Federation of Pakistan and International Association of Athletic Federation.

This event took place on 14th November 2015 at Pakistan sports board Karachi. Our students participated in the age group category of Under 15 boys and girls. The four events were 100metres, 400metres, Short-put and Long Jump. Congratulations to the medal winners:


        1.      Zahra Hasan of Class VII-T broke the 100 metres School record which was set by C.           Demonte in 1959.

2.      Batool Sajjad Mahesri of Class VIII-G broke the Shot-put record which was set by   Maria Qureshi in 2003.

3.      Jibraan Ghani of IX-R won a gold medal in the Shot-put event. 

4.      Muhammad Babar of Class IX-T won a silver medal in the Shot-put event.

5.      Aman Amna Chughtai of Class VIII-K won a gold medal in the Long Jump event.

6.      Azeem Paracha of Class IX-L won a silver medal in the Long Jump event. 


Middle Section acknowledges participation of Hawra Moochhala of Class VIII-M, Saara Maleeha Ghani of Class VIII-R, Haris Asir Hasan of Class IX-L, Noor Mian of Class IX-T, Syed Mohammad Zain Hasan of Class IX-L,  Mustafa Khayam Hussain of Class IX-S and  Sulaiman Sajjad of Class IX-G