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21st Swimming Gala at the Junior Section

30 Oct 2015

 The 21st Swimming Gala of the Junior Section was held on 30th October, 2015 at the Junior Section.

240 swimmers  participated in various events,  representing their houses – Frere, Napier, Streeton and Papworth.
Frere was declared as the winning team.
The House Captains, Syed Sameer Moin  and  Ramlah Amer  lifted the trophy awarded by our Principal Mr. Wrigley.
The Best Swimmers of the event were Aminah Alavi and  Altan Ullah Khan.
House Position:
Frere  1st position : 131 points
Streeton  2nd position : 109 points
Napier  3rd position : 93 points
Papworth  3rd position : 93 points