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Annual Athletic Sports 2014

11 Oct 2014

Rules and regulations to be implemented for all events during Heats / Finals of the athletic programme 2014:

1. All Heats and Finals will be held at the College and Middle Sections.

2. Dress code: House colour T-Shirt and White Shorts for boys and House colour T-Shirts and black trousers for girls, to be worn during heats and finals.

3. For events at the College Section, the gate will be open from 2:00 to 4:00 pm and entry will only be permitted for students participating in the events of the day.

4. Latecomers will be allowed to participate in events. However, if the event e.g. Shot Put, has already started and all the students have either thrown their first or second throws, then the student arriving late shall only be allowed to take the second and third throws having come late for the first, or take the third throw being late for the first and second throws.

5. Participants not turning up for a Heat or Final automatically lose their place, if positioned.

6. Heat Throws and Jumps will be considered for final placing.

7. ½ Point to be awarded to each participant crossing the qualifying standard.

8. Any student found arguing or misbehaving with any officials during or after an event, will be disqualified.

9. Any student found loitering around in the College building, or near the swimming pool area, will be disqualified and House points will be deducted.

10. Painting of faces and bandanas are not allowed. House points will be deducted.

11. Each student may participate in any five events with a maximum of 3 field and 2 track events or 2 fields and 3 track, excluding the Relay which is a team event.

12. Any student found guilty of being over age will be disqualified from all events; his or her date of birth should be taken as of 9th Oct 2014 as mentioned in the form. 

13. In case a student wants to change his/her selected events, he/she may do so as long as the limit given is not exceeded.

14. Students participating in the March Past on Sports Day must wear white joggers.

15. Only the House winning the March Past receives 10 points. However the House points for the overall championship on Sports Day are 19, 13, 7, and 1.

16. 10 points for Relay are awarded only to the winning House.

17. 1 point will be awarded for athletes breaking a record.