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Book Week 2016

15 Mar 2016

 On Day Two of Book Week 2016, children of Class VI read stories in Urdu to the children of Class IV  in an early morning outdoor Read Aloud session. Class VI   presented  biographies of famous people, bringing those personalities back to life in a series of interesting, and often humorous, interviews. Winston Churchill, Einstein, Nelson Mandela and Julius Caesar were some of the famous people portrayed in these interviews.


  From Class V there were presentations on favourite books  with a  dramatic reading of just a section  of the book. These were  appreciated by an audience of Classes V and VI.


Later on in the day, Guest Speaker Misbah Khalid, a well known personality in film production, gave a talk to Class III and Class IV on ‘Storytelling through Film’.


The Junior Section wears a colourful , festive looks  with children’s work  visible everywhere !