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Book Week 2016

17 Mar 2016

 Day Four of Book Week 2016, began with the children of Class V presenting an animated dramatic reading in Urdu for the children of Class III. Many played games after the story, read poems, added jokes and distributed their props or bookmarks to the audience.


The Class V activities continued to highlight dramatic reading of a section out of their favourite book. Many enacted skits and recited character sketches from books.

The Class VI continued to present biographies of famous people. Many used costumes, accessories and charts to complement their presentations.


Two guest speakers, Ms. Maham Zehra and Mr. Yasir Rasheed were invited for dramatic reading to Class VI and Class V. They enthralled their audience with ‘Toat Batoat ki Nazmein’ and ‘Mochander ki Nirali Moonchain’.  At the end of this session everyone had a big smile an uplifted spirits.