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Book Week 2016

18 Mar 2016

 Zambeel Dramatic Readings,  last  but not the least, was the highlight of the Book Week on Day 5. Founded five years ago, Zambeel presents writings of various authors to a live audience with music in a dramatized form. A team of seven performers read and sang along to the story ‘Tipu aur Jaadu ki Bayl’ starring Fawad Khan, Mehvish Farooqi, Asma Mundrawalla, Farhan Alam, Jeremy Vaz and accompanying singers.

Book Week 2016 concluded with the Junior Section “Stop and Read for 2016 seconds”- the entire Junior Section, students and staff alike, read silently and peacefully. There was pin drop silence in the whole school!

A Book Sale on Monday the 21st and Tuesday 22nd March, an extension of Book Week activities, will give children an opportunity to read and buy books.