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28 Jan 2020

Recently, the KGS Junior Section has introduced a new subject for Classes I-IV- Citizenship- and the focus is on encouraging and facilitating our young learners to develop essential life skills, while learning to become model citizens, in a multitude of places, be it the school or at home. This class is based on the KS-2 curriculum, introduced by Cambridge. The curriculum has been especially developed to cater to children’s emotional development through novel techniques in order to meet the needs of learners with a variety of learning styles.

So far, the children have received the lessons well and are finding it exciting, interesting and  absorbing. A combination of learning strategies have been introduced; The ‘Six Thinking Hats’ have encouraged parallel thinking and are helping  foster good decision making skills, while facilitating  effective listening skills. The children have responded positively as they are exploring heir rights and responsibilities as a citizen. A robust civic sense, as we all know, is the need of the hour.