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Class VI visits the Einstein Society held at the College Section of the Karachi Grammar School.

21 Feb 2020

The Einstein Society of the College Section of Karachi Grammar School recently held its Mathematics and Science Olympiad. Nineteen Class VI students and three staff members from the Junior Section were invited to the event on Friday 14, 2020.

The President and Vice President of the Einstein Society received the students and teachers at the gate and then took them on a tour of the event.

The event consisted of ten modules. There were participants from various other schools as well. The organising team, consisting of over hundred students, had done a wonderful job of coordinating and planning the modules.

The Class students visited the Robotics, Psychology and Medicine Labs. They then went to the Auditorium where students talked to them about origami.

The Vice President talked to the children about how important it is to attend such events as they serve to spark interest and prepare them to participate fully when they come to College. He strongly recommended that the children to read books, do research work and go on relevant websites to enhance their knowledge.

The gracious hosts treated the Class VI representatives to fries, biscuits and drinks.

It was an invigorating experience for the budding Class VI mathematicians and scientists!