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Covid-19 and the Virtual Launch

26 Apr 2020


The monumental upheaval for school in late February 2020, resulted in anxiety, and a massive learning curve without the luxury of time; but the mammoth effort of teachers and staff resulted in an unprecedented launch of virtual learning. The five Cambridge learner and teacher attributes – confidence, innovation, engagement, responsibility and reflection – came together to blossom into an experience that has changed the landscape of education at the Karachi Grammar School, Middle Section.

Fortunately, for the past few years, our teachers had begun to venture and explore the digital domain, adopt and infuse technology in teaching, and therefore the transition, albeit abrupt, was manageable. Our students took some time to understand that the virtual classroom was not just transitory, rather it was here to stay, and they rose to the challenge, as they always do, soon enough, of course with the support extended by their parents.

Although we are still at a crossroad, what is certain is that flexibility, not rigidity, perseverance, not pessimism or procrastination, and collaboration, rather than individual pursuits, win the day.

Stay safe and take care of yourselves and your families.


– Mrs. Muneeza Shaikhali