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Covid-19 Response

18 May 2020

Initially weekly Learning Packs were planned based on concepts already taught and sent to the parents via email. Two weeks after the lockdown, The ‘Seesaw’ app was introduced. This mode of learning brought with it lots of challenges as it meant training the teachers as well as creating a sense of comfort for both parents and the students. The teachers faced the task of training themselves remotely. All the children were given KGS email Id’s. However, very shortly everyone was on board and daily activities were assigned online through the App. 

Various digital apps were also introduced without students and parents being overwhelmed. Our little ones not only learned English, Urdu, Maths and Science, but also learned how to use digital tools.  Zoom meetings were also scheduled for the students and teachers to meet in small groups. These meetings were  not only for academic purposes, but also to  help  us  stay connected. 

 We completed the school year through extended flexible distance learning. School buildings remained closed as we continue to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. With the end of term, Digital Reports were sent to the children. It was indeed an experience that allowed us and the children to grow in ways which would have otherwise taken much longer.