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Day Camp 2016

05 Mar 2016

 On Saturday 5th March the much anticipated Day Camp for the Scouts and Brownies of the Junior Section was held.

Expectations were high and the excitement was tangible. After getting into their patrol groups and singing the National Anthem, the children were allotted tents. These could be seen lined on the edge of the field. Several team activities were held involving tyres, water and sponges! After a fun filled hour, the tired but enthusiastic boys and girls had a water break and then, sitting in their tents the children constructed a robot using recycled materials and their imagination.
The highlight of the day was the bonfire, the lighting of which was greeted with ‘delight’ by both the children and the members of staff!
Children roasted marshmallows and sausages and ate them with great gusto. Each group provided entertainment by singing patriotic songs, which everybody clapped and sang to.
Once the children had cleaned up and dismantled the tents, it was time to say good bye, and wait for Camp 2017!