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Distance Learning at the Junior Section 27.2.2020 to 22.4.2020

22 Apr 2020

The unexpected closure of school, due to Covid 19, resulted in a swift plunge into digital and online distance learning, here at the Junior Section. It was remarkable how fast the teachers, learners and parents adapted to this new way of teaching and learning. 

The innovative ideas and the growth mindset displayed by the teachers, learners and their parents, led to a smooth transition from more traditional forms of instruction, to this new way of learning. We began simply with sending out study packs through email. Eventually, it led to the roll out of Google Classrooms as a shared platform where other apps from G. Suite, IXL, Kahoot, Padlet and Canva were used to enhance the teaching and learning experience. Zoom sessions were held which served in creating a virtual, face-to-face interaction between the teachers and the students. It became a period of immense learning and digital skill building.  We believe that the learning curve, in terms of digital technology at JS, has been steeper than the pandemic curve worldwide!


We have stayed positive all along. We have shared with our learners that they are actually living through historical times, and metaphorically speaking, they are 'history in the making'!

We wish everyone safe and happy times ahead and hope and pray for a soon-to-be better world.