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First day of school for Class III

01 Aug 2019

Some ice- breaking activities were organised which led to an easy transition from Class II to Class III.  A variety of old favourite songs were sung, with the Music teacher leading and the other teachers joining in.  The children of each section actively participated in this activity by forming circles with their class teachers, following the various dance moves of each song with great aplomb.

Our young enthusiasts were escorted to their classes by their teachers, who then introduced themselves.  Books were distributed and they were shown their cubby holes. They were also given their instructions for the year ahead. The children were then given a tour of the Junior Section, especially of the areas they would use on a regular basis, such as the Library and the Music room.

The children were asked to come in two groups, Frere and Napier and then Papworth and Streeton. They were picked up by their parents from the Auditorium.