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Junior Section Sports Day 2016

19 Feb 2016

 The weeks leading upto Sports Day were filled with days of practice , preparation and anticipation . Finally , on a pleasant February morning, the call was given for Houses to 'fall in '! Amidst cheers and applause from enthusiastic parents Sports Day 2016 was underway .

The Marchpast  by Classes V and VI started the day off with house flags flying high and each house marching at its best . All four houses and all classes came together for warm up exercises . This was a culmination of the early morning P.E done through the term .
Field events such as high jump ,long jump , shot put and soft ball throw had already been held and those winners proudly came to the victory stand. The track events then moved quickly with hurdles and flat races getting loud cheers from all round . A new record was achieved by Myra Tahir Papworth House (Class VI T).
Novelty races followed ;participants manoeuvred hoops , bean bags and other items which required a combination of skills such as balance , coordination and precision .
The Relay races were the highlight of the day. Children sped by , baton in hand , to bring their teams in to a ,sometimes, nail biting finish !
This wonderful morning was brought to a close with words of appreciation from Mrs Ronak Lakhani.
The most thrilling moments came when Mrs Siddiqi announced the winners of the trophies.
Streeton won the March past trophy.
The Best Athlete of the Junior Section was awarded to Abdul Momin Faisal Alam of Napier House ( Class VI G) .
Napier House won the day to triumphantly lift the trophy for Sports Day 2016.