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Junior Section's Annual Concert, ‘The Unforgettable World of Charles Dickens.’

04 Jan 2020

After a great deal of preparation, the Annual Junior School Concert came to fruition. The title of the play was, ‘The Unforgettable World of Charles Dickens’. It was a tremendous success, due the hard work put in by both the teachers and the students. The staff worked together to form Sound, Light, Backstage, Entry, Exit, Aisle and Music teams, while the Group teachers managed the children between scenes and the Art Department prepared the props and the clothes worn by those participating in the concert.  The splendid props, sets, makeup and the clothes worn, were especially chosen and created, to match the attire worn during that era.  The Choir sang with great enthusiasm and the children performed with great aplomb on stage, much to the delight of the audience.