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The Junior Section Scouts and Guides go on an excursion

15 Feb 2020

The Scouts and Guides of the Junior section had an enjoyable day when they hiked to Aunty Park on the 15th of February.  It took the children approximately thirteen minutes to travel the 1.2 kilometres and the return trip took eleven minutes, which averaged out to 1 kilometre on the way back.

While our young explorers were at the Park, they were actively involved in bird watching and studying different varieties of plant and insect life in the Park.  They also learnt how to use binoculars.  The day was packed with fun and adventure as the children participated in a mini Treasure Hunt, played exciting games, including racing against each other. They were excited to learn how to calculate distances while also learning important survival skills such as lighting a fire with a magnifying glass.  This event was the highlight of the day. The children were excited to learn how to develop this skill. It was almost like a mini-experiment being conducted in the Park.  Overall, the day was well spent as our young learners were able to learn survival skills through play.