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Thursday Assembly: Earth Day

25 Apr 2018

 Two classes, IV-L and IV-T, performed together for the Thursday Assembly. The children of IV-T, who wore green t-shirts and headbands, took turns explaining Earth Day which was first celebrated in the US, in 1970, on the 22nd of April. The class talked about ways to help the earth such as recycling, saving water, cleaning up the beaches and rivers and generally reducing pollution. They declared that 'I am the earth and the earth is me.' This was followed by IV-L dressed in blue t-shirts singing a song called 'The Earth Is My Home.' The song is ablout keeping the earth beautiful and healthy. The children sang the lyrics in which they promise that 'united with friends, I will save the earth.' The message of the presentation was summed up with a Dr Suess quote, ' Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better; it is not.'