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Thursday Assembly Presentation- Kinds of Poetry

30 Jan 2020

The presentation began with a welcome and introduction. The main focus of the presentation was on communication with each other and Self-expression. The learners talked about different forms of self-expression. There was emphasis on Poetry as one of the forms of self-expression. It was further elaborated by a mention of various forms of poems; free verse, Acrostic, Haiku, Sonnet, Limerick, Hypophora and Ballad.  A brief introduction to a few forms of poems was given by the participants. A few lines in Urdu by the children further explained the importance of poetry in Urdu language. Some verses from Urdu poetry were also read. There was a group Poetry performance by the children at the end to the beat of Conga drums. All the sections of Class IV year group had written various poems which were displayed on the foyer boards. The participants invited the parents to stop and read their poems on their way out. The presentation was a combination of individual participation and group collaboration. Quotes on communication and poetry were displayed on the multimedia.