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Thursday Assembly- ‘The Unforgettable World of Charles Dickens’

28 Oct 2019

Class VL had their Assembly presentation on Thursday, 28th November 2019. As our concert this year was ‘The Unforgettable World of Charles Dickens’, the children of Class V presented a short skit on the topic, ‘Who is Dickens?’

The presentation started with some interesting facts about Charles Dickens’ life, his famous books and some famous characters like Miss Havisham, Uriah Heep, and David Copperfield. This was followed by a short skit, with the opening scene from ‘Great Expectations’, in which Pip meets the escaped prisoner in the graveyard.

 After the skit, all the students of Class VL performed to the song, ‘I’d do anything for you’ from the 1968 musical- Oliver. After the song, the students shared some facts about Dickens in Urdu.  They spoke about how Charles Dickens died at age 58 and that he was buried at Poets Corner in Westminster Abbey. They fascinated the audience when they mentioned that when Charles Dickens died, people were so sad that, for two whole days, thousands of people took flowers to the Abbey. They conveyed that,  through his stories, Charles Dickens has helped to make the world a better place. Even 200 years later, his books remind us of the importance of being kind and caring towards others.

The performance was interesting as well as informative. It was well received by all present.