Academics | College Section

The College Section comprises O and A level students, divided into four year groups (Class X to the Second A-Level Class). The O-level provides a balanced curriculum of six compulsory and four optional subjects preparing students for the Cambridge International Examinations.

Admission to Advanced level courses is not automatic and students have to prove themselves at O-level to gain readmission.

If selected, they choose four specialist subjects from a wide range of Mathematics, Science and Humanities courses. They are not tracked into Science or Arts streams exclusively and this enables some interesting combinations to be possible not available elsewhere.

In addition all students are entered for the AS-level General Paper, which ensures that their facility with the English language is sharp enough to contend with university level education in the future, and exposes them to wider perspectives on life beyond the confines of their chosen subjects.

Selected students are taking part in trials of units of the Pre-U course being developed by Cambridge International Examinations as an alternative to A-level.