Counselling | College Section

The College Section has a highly reputed counselling service which successfully directs the large majority of our final year students to prestigious universities in the United Kingdom, the United States of America, Canada, Mainland Europe, Australia, the Far East and elsewhere. Most of the students who do not apply abroad qualify for the most selective professional, vocational and other colleges within the country. Counsellors also keep an eagle-eye open for information about new opportunities where our students can thrive in this fast-changing world.

There is a team of eight Counsellors, each of whom is responsible for guiding a group of carefully selected students to their destinations after KGS. This requires considerable expertise and time. Many individual interviews are conducted in order to evaluate each student’s academic strength and extra-curricular interests. The fully-rounded picture is drafted and redrafted, modified by input from the student’s teachers, until a full and fair word-picture has been created. Universities have different admission requirements and there may be as many as 36 documents to be prepared for each student in a Counsellor’s group.

The counselling service has been acknowledged for its expert and sympathetic guidance both by students and by university admission authorities. Those same authorities trust our recommendations and we take pride in the fact that our integrity is so well respected.