Academics | Kindergarten Section

Young children need the interest, support and encouragement of both the parents and teachers in order to develop self respect and the confidence to learn. These attitudes, coupled with the skills that will be acquired in the four years of Kindergarten will help to build the foundation for success throughout school life.

The implicit curriculum of character education, teaching of moral principles, insistence on order and firm discipline, and steady encouragement of solid work habits is very much part of our daily teaching.

Here curiosity is aroused, interest kindled and concentration developed. Particular care is given to the reading habit and to this end all children have access to libraries from their earliest years.

We understand that children are individuals and they bring differences of ability and background to our school. For all children the curriculum remains the same, but extra support is provided in the classroom to those who need it.

In the Kindergarten we provide feedback to parents by individualised student reports and parent-teacher meetings.