Co-curricular | Middle Section

The Middle Section offers a wide variety of Games, Clubs and Societies related to young people’s interests which are held after school hours.

Our hope is to be able to give every child the opportunity to participate and develop his/her particular skills or talents.

These interactive sessions include:

  • Helper’s Society
  • Music Club
  • Library Club
  • Environment Club
  • Canvas and Outdoor Art Club
  • Biology Club
  • Chemistry Club
  • Maths Club
  • History Club
  • Robotics club Helen O' Grady
  • Drama Club  

The Middle Section also maintains a Scout Group. Each Club or Society has a teacher-patron and its meetings, excursions and events are organised by elected student leaders under the guidance of their mentor.

A drama production (in English and Urdu) is a regular fixture in our programme, and the House teams contend with great enthusiasm, sportsmanship and good humour for the medals and trophies awarded at the Annual Athletic Sports.

Enrichment Programme from January 2018

Enrichment Programme 2018

Enrichment Programme from September 2017

Enrichment Programme 2017